About MCPdb

MCPdb is here for your research needs. Learn more about bacterial microcompartments and other large proteinaceous assemblies with quick and easy access to key structural information in one centralized location. We’ve curated structure downloads, protein sequences and PyMOL sessions for presentations, projects and teaching.

What are MCPs?

Bacterial microcompartments (MCPs) are organelle-like structures found in 20 – 25% of bacteria. The outer shell of these supramolecular structures are comprised of homologous tessellating proteins and encapsulate various enzymatic proteins. MCPs are roughly icosahedral in shape with trimeric and hexameric proteins forming the faces and pentameric proteins forming the vertices.

Other Large Assemblies

The structures of several large proteinaceous assemblies have also been curated. Encapsulins and other MCP-derived structures help to illuminate and provide insight on compartmentalization and specialization in prokaryotic cells.