Navigating MCPdb

  • Search for proteins using the Explore Proteins tab. From there, search by name, PDB ID or UniProt
  • Learn more about microcompartments and other large protein assemblies under the About tab
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Using the 3D Viewer

What are the file types available for download?

PyMol Session (.pse)

PyMol is a software program used to view and analyze structures. A PyMol session file (.pse) allows users to open up an interactive scene so they can interact with the structure with minimal added work. Download and open .pse files using PyMol.

PDB (.pdb)

Protein Data Bank (.pdb) format provides a standard representation of a structure based on structure data derived from X-Ray Diffraction or NMR. View .pdb structure files using PyMol, Chimera and other macromolecular visualization software. 

CIF (.cif)

A Crystallographic Information File (.cif) represents crystallographic information to generate a standard representation of a structure.

FASTA Sequence

A FASTA file is a text-based file used to represent an amino acid sequence or a nucleotide sequence. This file is commonly used in biochemistry and bioinformatics to describe proteins.


Uniprot is a public protein database with both structural and genomic information. The database provides a deeper look into the functional analysis of proteins.